funny dog video

Heroic Pup Saves His Sister From Toy Snake

By Fetch! Marketing / 8:01 pm

What would Penny do without Maymo? Lucky for her she doesn’t have to find out! We love this little hero and are so happy that Penny can depend on him for her rescue. That’s what floppy-eared brothers are for, right? During the opening scene it’s clear that Penny didn’t quite know what to make of…

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{Video} Watch Out For That Door!

By Fetch! Marketing / 3:56 pm

These dogs are so amusing as they get stuck behind an invisible door. The owners have removed the glass or screen from the doors and their dogs act as if the door is still keeping them inside. I thought about the things that Peyton does that are like those dogs. If I tell him to…

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Frankie the Pug steals the show in this aw-inducing clip!

By Fetch! Marketing / 7:09 pm

Frankie the Pug is ready for his close-up! I have to give Frankie some credit for trying so hard to play with the camera. Whenever my dogs are doing something cute and I pull out my camera to take video, they immediately stop and look at me with a “not now” look. I long to…

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{Video} Funny Dogs Can’t Wait To Go For A Walk

By Fetch! Marketing / 8:05 pm

What does your dog do when you say, “Let’s go for a walk?”. My dog Buffy gets so excited that she almost knocks me over — she runs in circles and she grabs her leash. Sometimes she gets so excited that she forgets to give me her leash. This compilation of YouTube videos made by…

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