2018’s Best Pet Toys

When it comes to pet toys, our go-to is a fresh tennis ball and a classic game of Fetch. However, with the infusion of tech and mindfulness into modern pet toy production, we can’t help but indulge every now and then on something a little more new-school for our pets. Time to upgrade your pet’s toy basket? We’ve got the scoop on what all the pet parents are buying this year…

Up your tug-of-war game with a BPA-free, floatable Westpaw Zogoflex. We love the Zogoflex for its durable form which helps it hold up to heavy chewers. Two thumbs up for a USA-made product that’s also from 100% recycled material. Available here on Amazon.

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The Bergan Turbo Scratcher is both simple and clever in design and function. While a ping pong-sized ball rolls around the outside of the circular scratching surface, your cat will be both mesmerized and less interested scratching your furniture. Available here on Chewy.com.

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Lazers. Cats obsess over them. Now you can entertain your cat hands-free with the Bolt PetSafe Interactive Laser Pet Toy! A mentally stimulated and exercised cat makes for a happy one, so the Bolt is a winner in our humble opinion. The pattern displays make it even more fun for you, too! Watch the video below to see the Bolt in action.

Your dog may love her squeak toy, but sometimes we as pet parents aren’t all that keen on hearing said squeak toy. This may be one of the most genius dog toys ever made… the Hear Doggy Ultrasonic Squeak Toy. With an ultrasonic frequency between 24 and 28 KHz, you won’t be able to hear this toy squeak, but your dog sure will! How’s that for a little peace of mind?

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This one is for all pet owners: bring out your inner child and entertain your pets with these non-toxic bubbles made by Pet Qwerks. These bubbles are peanut butter-flavored and are also kid-friendly, so the whole family can get in on the fun. According to Amazon, these bubbles remain in tact upon landing on the ground. This is a great way to get outside and have a little fun as a family. Order Pet Qwerks’ Incredibubbles here.

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What’s been your favorite pet toy this year? Let us know in the comments below…