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Pet Services

Pet Services

Pet Services

Pet Care Services

At Fetch, we serve pets of every type, age, and phase of life because we truly love animals. We show it with every belly rub, long walk, scratch behind the ear, and treat we give. We’d love to be your trusted sidekick for a healthy and happy pet because we know we can deliver trusted, quality care and a professional, stress-free experience for you.


Puppy Sitting

You love your new puppy with all your heart…but you’re less fond of stained carpets, chewed up shoes, and slobbery clothing. Thankfully, you don’t have to go through the process of transforming your little rascal into a good boy or girl all by yourself. Our local sitters can help you customize the perfect feeding, exercise, and potty schedule for your pup while helping them learn the proper way to behave in your home.

Dog Walking

Most dogs can’t wait to hear W-A-L-K, but it isn’t always easy to find time for their favorite activity. We can help you give them their daily dose of fun-filled exercise with a 30, 45, or 60-minute walk that includes any feeding, watering, or potty breaks they need.

Pet Sitting

Whether you have a dog, cat, bird, fish, gerbil, snake, or really any other type of pet, you can trust us to look after them while you’re away. We’ll take care of any food, water, waste, and exercise needs, and, of course, give your pet all the love and attention they want.

Almost Overnight & Overnight Pet Care

We all hate leaving our pets behind when heading out of town, but one way to make sure they’re as comfortable as possible is to provide them care in their familiar environment. With our “Almost” Overnight Pet Care, we’ll have one of our highly-trained and background-checked sitters take care of your pet’s food, water, bathroom, and exercise needs later in the evening, ensuring they have what they need for a night at home alone. Then, your dedicated sitter will stop by again in the early morning to tend to your pet’s needs. Your pet will be happy to stay in their comfortable, familiar home, and you can relax knowing they are taken care of. Interested in 12-hour Overnight care for your dog or cat under the supervision of one of our trained and background-checked sitters? Call our service team to discuss this personalized service.

Pet Taxi

Your pet leads a busy life; one you can’t always keep up with. But we’re here to help. Whether it be a nearby vet appointment, trip to the groomers, or playdate at the park, our pet taxi service can make sure your pet safely gets where they need to go.

Medical Administration

If your pet has a strict schedule for taking prescribed medication, enlisting a little help is never a bad idea. Our medical administrators are experienced with pills, shots, injections, and fluids and can ensure that your pet is getting the right medication at the right time. In their experienced hands, your pet will feel calm and comfortable.


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Job Opportunities

If you’re a true animal lover, there is no better place to work than Fetch! Our team spends their days dog walking, pet sitting, playing, cuddling, and caring for pets on their own schedules.


Franchise Opportunities

Fetch! Pet Care® is America’s largest and most trusted professional dog walking and pet sitting franchise. We can help you build a successful, revenue-generating business in the booming pet industry.