5 Great Rainy Day Activities for You and Your Dog

5 Great Rainy Day Activities for You and Your Dog

Rainy days are always a good opportunity spend some quality cozy time indoors with your pets.  When you want to avoid the possibility of your pup finding pleasure by rolling in a puddle, a little creativity in keeping your dogs happy and busy can go a long way.  Follow these tips from our very own Fetch! Pet Care professionals.

It’s never too late to learn a new trick.  One trick I wish I had thought of teaching my dogs sooner is to pick up their toys.  Not only is it fun for them to put away their toys, but it also gives them a sense of accomplishment.  Teaching your dog this trick is a lot easier than it may sound — just scatter the toys all over the house and have your dog find them and put them in a basket to earn a reward.  Start by training your dog to know what “put away” means.  Work on teaching your dog to pick up a toy, carry it to a basket and drop it in.  Once your dog gets good at this trick, try making it more challenging by scattering the toys farther apart.iStock_000010327359Medium

This activity is sure to please any time of year. Give it a try! 

Take it to the stairs.  If your dog is less active but enjoys following you around, try a few rounds up and down the stairs — get him interested in seeing what you’re  doing “up there” and “down here”.  If your dog is active, sit at the top of the stairs and toss a ball down for a bit of a workout.

Have a doggie play date!  If your dog has a favorite playmate – invite him over for a little fun. Be sure to puppy proof the house beforehand so that everyone is safe and has a good time.

Keep ‘em quiet with a KONG chew toy.These toys are by far one of my absolute favorite go-to’s when everyone needs a little down time.  I like to fill them with Greek Yogurt and freeze in advance – this way the yogurt (and quiet time), lasts longer.  Give them a cozy set-up with a couple extra blankets on their beds and enjoy a nice 20 minutes to yourself.

Grooming is a simple and practical way to spend a day indoors.  Fill up the tub and give your dog a bath – if he has aching bones, allow him to spend extra time in the warm water being sure to gently rub the achiness away.  Not only will your pet feel extra special and loved, grooming doubles as a great way to bring you two closer together!

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