5 Tips to keep your pet busy while you’re at work

Every pet parent knows the guilt of leaving their pet home alone all day while they go off to work.  At Fetch! Pet Care, we believe that even in your absence your pet can still have a great day!  Whether it’s wrestling with a Kong for their food, finding a hidden treat or going for a great 60-minute walk, your pet can have a fun filled day that will leave them tired and ready for some cuddling when you get home.  Here are our top 5 tips for keeping your pet busy while you’re at work:

Hunger Games: It’s time for your pet to bring home the bacon!  There are great toys that make your pet work for their kibble or treats.  The Kong and The Bob-Alot are great examples.  The Kong has a hallowed out cylinder where you can insert treats that are almost out of your pet’s grasp. With work they can get their treats and have a great time. The Kong has both dog and cat versions of the toy.  The Bob-Alot is an egg shape toy, weighted on the bottom so it wobbles around when pushed.  Once the treat or kibble is inside, your pet will push it around the floor. The more pushing, the more the kibble comes out! You can put your pet’s whole meal in The Bob-Alot to make a meal last a lifetime!

Paper bags or boxes:  If your pet has not discovered the joy of a paper bag or box then they are missing out!  A simple paper bag or box can keep your pet occupied for hours as they throw the bag around, crawl inside the box and push it around the floor. Sometimes simple everyday items like these can be so entertaining for your pet. For safety purposes, please remember to poke holes in the bags or boxes, and never use plastic bags.

Satisfy the need to chew: Pets love to chew, so it’s important they have some great chew toys so they don’t go after your shoes!  Chewing is great for dental hygiene and will keep your pet busy for hours! We recommend using nylon bones over rawhide, which can break off into pieces, get lodged in your pet’s stomach, and cause major problems.  For kitties we recommend catnip mice and other fabric chew toys.  Get some great chew toys and your pet will have a happy, productive day!

Fetch! Pet Care Walks/Pet Visits: Pets love to have a daily walkor visit from a Fetch! Pet Care pet sitter or dog walker.  We can take your dog on a 30-, 45- or 60-minute walk, or for dogs with extra energy we provide fast-paced walks, designed to truly get your dog’s heart rate up and send him home “dog tired”!  For cats we provide fun games and circuit training to engage your cat’s feline prey instincts.  A daily visit is a great way to break up the long day.

Hiding treats: Our pets are notoriously curious, especially cats and small dogs. You’ll often find your kitty or pup curled up in a small, concealed cubbyhole or hidden spot.  Seek out these spots and hide a yummy treat, small chew toys, or a crinkly fun toy!  They’ll be lured in by the treat and then stop for a relaxing afternoon nap!

Although nothing substitutes a nice day with their owners, these tips can help your pet have a great, busy week until you’re home for the weekend!