7 of the Most Popular Cat Related Twitter Accounts

cat pictures


Cat lovers, come hither and meet with your fellow enthusiasts. Like most feline fanatics, we love to watch endless cat videos, gaze at pictures, and share the furry cuteness.


So, if you’re a cat lover, you should definitely be following these cat related Twitter accounts to increase your daily access to the gorgeous fur balls.

1) Moet the Blind Cat

Moet is a fluffy white rescue cat who lost its eyes due to horrible neglect from previous owners. The poor thing is too cute to stand and has its own cat related Twitter account where she shares super cute pictures and awareness about adopting kitties. Follow Moet here!


2) Socks McFurry

This is a Twitter account run by Socks McFurry himself (with the help of his aspiring author Momma) and is full of super cute puns, cat pictures, and tons of mega nerd stuff like Star Wars parodies with cats inserted. If you’re a cat lover and a nerd, then this is an account you should be following.


3) Mr. Furrrrguson

Full name: Sunny Reginald Ferrrrguson. This Twitter account is run by a cat so ugly, he’s cute. With a permeant scowl on his face, the orange ball of fluff is always sporting a lion-style hair cut, mane and all. He tweets about jokes, geek stuff, and the three dumb dogs he lives with. Super cute. If you love Grumpy Cat, then you’ll love Mr. Furrrrguson.


4) The Real Otis Fuzz

Two for the price of one! The Real Otis Fuzz is a smooth, black cat with one scraggly tooth that stick out and over his top lip. His cat related Twitter account is all about him doing cat things; funny pictures, playing with boxes, and wearing costumes. But he recently acquired a sister so there’s double the cuteness overload on this account. Follow Otis here!


5) Santas Cat

This Twitter account is run by Santas Cat who claims to live in the big guy’s house right up there in the North Pole. But his Twitter page consists of tons of animal cruelty awareness, shelter cats, and helping bring the animal community together. It’s a sweet page full of great stuff if you’re an animal rights activist or supporter.


6) Stevie Evil Cat

Stevie is an evil black cat who apparently lives in an evil lair. He tweets about funny cat stuff, sports some cute costumes, and then grumbles about everything and everyone. He does share missing animals reports and actual good stuff, too. An all around fun Twitter account to follow if you just simply love cats.

7) Mr. Pie

The Twitter account of Mr. Pie is a fun place to be if you like cats conversing with other cats and cute feline videos. The overweight kitty is positive and shares lots of cat stuff. So if that’s your thing then you should definitely follow along!

And there you have it! The 7 most popular cat related Twitter accounts you should be following if you a) love cats and b) love cats. Share this list with your friends so the, too, can join the feline frenzy!