Adorable Moment Dog Tries To Teach Baby How To Jump

What’s cuter than a dog teaching his baby a new skill? We all love it when the family is so close. This dog is teaching his baby how to use the jump up. When you bring your baby home it is time to start the bonding process. Instead of waiting until your baby is sleeping to give your dog attention, give your dog treats and attention when the baby is awake. Teach the dog that the baby is a good thing and it is great to have the baby around. Then when the baby is sleeping, keep thing boring so the dog looks forward to the baby waking up.

When it is time to feed the baby, give the dog a comfy place to be with a treat so the dog learns that feeding time is a quiet time with a fun treat. Always reward the dog for his good manners when he is around the baby. Any time the dog exhibits quiet and calm behavior, the dog gets a treat.

Always make sure your dog is supervised when he is around the children. Keep your dog safe and make sure the dog is never in a position to make a mistake. Keep your children safe by keeping the dog safe.