Audible for Dogs: Audiobooks Now Available to Calm Our Furry Friends!

audible, audible for dogs

Unless you have a job that you can work at from at home, you are retired or you have relatives willing to babysit your pooch every day, chances are there are times it is unavoidable you have to leave your furry friend to fend for themselves in the home. Dogs have an unmatched loyalty and commitment to their owners and whenever there is a separation of any type; your dog could form issues such as anxiety or stress in regards to you leaving. Caesar Millan teamed up with Amazon Audible to create a series of recordable audiobooks designed with your dog in mind to help combat this issue and decrease recurring symptoms! This line of audiobooks created varies in genre from the classics such as Winnie the Pooh to science fiction such as Journey to the Center of the Earth. All of these books can be programmed to play at certain intervals throughout the day (or night) using an app. Throughout this article, we will discuss what is separation anxiety in dogs, audiobooks and their functions, the benefits of an audiobook for canines, and where to purchase them.

Separation Anxiety in Dogs

Psychological issues can affect not only humans but also canines at different levels. Separation anxiety is one of the most common complaints dog owners have in regards to their furry friend. This anxiety can range in mild to severe from stress symptoms when you leave the house to stress symptoms when you only leave the room. Dogs will show their anxiety in different ways such as but not limited to:

  • Urinating or defecating when completely housebroken
  • Barking or howling excessively
  • Destructive mannerisms (Digging or chewing on household items)
  • Pacing or running laps throughout the house
  • Personality changes towards their owners

Separation anxiety generally can be caused by a disruption of your dog’s daily routine such as a change in surroundings or a change in their caregiver/family members. It can also be unintentionally caused by the dog owner themselves. With good intentions, a dog owner tends to make a big production when leaving and returning to the home, speaking in a different tone or being overly affectionate. This leads to a feeling of completion only when you are within earshot or visual sight. By using a device such as an audiobook or radio/television, your pet tends to feel more secure in their daily routine and would not exhibit the above symptoms. PetMD has a comprehensive page dedicated to this issue and offers sections on symptoms, causes, treatments and more if your pet is showing signs of separation anxiety!

audible, audible for dogs

Audiobooks and How They Work

Audiobooks are a great way for us to relax while still having the freedom to move around and complete other tasks during your free time. This endeavor geared towards our furry friends either uses human voices or your own pre-recorded voice to narrate your dog a story when you aren’t home with them. Studies conducted before the public launch of the audiobook showed a positive effect on almost every dog tested. They exhibited a more relaxed nature throughout the trials and a more positive, playful personality.

The majority of dog owners tended to choose audiobooks narrated in the same gender as themselves to enforce a calmer state of being and decrease the chance of problems caused by a strange voice in the house. Some people leave on a television or a radio for their pooch before they leave for the day but this isn’t always the best choice. Changes in tones, sounds, and even volume can make your furry friend nervous and in a guarded state.

The Benefits of a Dog Audiobook

Dogs are creatures of habit by nature and whenever an unknown element puts a wrench in their routine, it can create a negative effect. Dogs are also social creatures that thrive when surrounded by familiar faces and sounds. Using an audiobook that is able to be recorded in your own voice creates a sense of security and well-being for your pooch. Keeping your dog calm and relaxed will, in turn, make you more calm and relaxed. Dogs feed off their owner’s emotions, so if you are being forced to repair furniture throughout your home or cleaning up pee for the 100th time, frustration is natural. Your dog will then hypnotically show signs of frustration and even guilt for creating a tense environment. A happy healthy dog is a joy to be around and using tools such as an audiobook will increase your furry friend’s mental well-being.

audible, audible for dogs

Where to Purchase Audiobooks for Dogs

Research showed that during this time period, the only retailer to stock a line of audiobooks for dogs is the aforementioned Audible through Amazon. If results are positive when people start buying the product, then it is conceivable that more retailers will join the bandwagon offering a wider variety of audiobooks to the general public. If your dog exhibits signs of mild separation anxiety, then maybe an audiobook designed for humans will provide comfort and security.


Psychological issues can be taxing and draining to experience while leaving a sense of unease as a dog owner. We can find help and comfort, however, through speaking with a loved one or a trained professional. Dogs rely on their owners to be their voice and to be compassionate in regards to any issue plaguing them. I would hope we owe them that much, at least for the love they show us. If a tool that can diminish an issue your furry friend has been or is currently experiencing is intriguing to you.