Baby Kitten Is a Copycat!

Cute baby kitten is an adorable copycat!

WARNING: a wee baby kitten is about to steal your heart! In our latest video of the week we are happy to present you with the ultimate in copycat cuteness. You are about to enjoy a wittle-cuddly shnookums learning how to clean himself while mimicking a very meticulous mama cat. So, without further ado, it’s time to introduce you to the cutest kitten ever!

Now, we seriously want to know…have you ever seen anything sweeter in your entire life?! This little guy is named Neo and while he’s the near spitting image of his mom, he’s keen on doing things himself. If you want to keep up with Neo outside of YouTube, just check out his owner’s Instagram page where he’s featured pretty regularly.

He Got it From His Mama

While watching the video, we were reminded of why it’s never a good idea to separate a baby kitten from its mama too soon. Experts agree that kittens who are separated or orphaned early don’t develop key social skills needed to grow into appropriately behaved adult cats. Typically, these behaviors refer to biting and rough play, but, clearly, a baby kitten may learn important grooming habits from mama, too!

Back to the video, though. How adorable is this little baby kitten as he tries to keep up with his mom’s pace? He starts with his head, does his best to clean behind his ears and each of his legs before giving up. Luckily, mom is all too happy to help out as she expertly turns her grooming attention to him. And it seems like he’s all for it until he isn’t! Soon enough, just like all other babies, little Neo has lost interest in bathtime and is ready to go off exploring again!

Share Your Baby Kitten Stories

If you’ve ever had a baby kitten, you must share your cutest stories with us. Was she or he a copycat? Was a mama cat nearby to help develop your little kitty’s social graces? Tell us what you think of the baby kitten in the video and be sure to share it with everyone you know.