Barn Cat Adopts Ducklings and Warms Our Hearts

barn cat

Once Della the barn cat decided to expand her family, she set about doing so in the absolute cutest way possible. By nabbing three newborn ducklings, this mama cat not only accomplished her mission, but she stole all of our hearts in the process. As she’s seen cuddling the tiny yellow ducklings right alongside her own newborn kittens, we’re reminded of just how sweet and gentle a mother’s love can be. The full story of what made this barn cat do such a thing may never be known, but we’re pleased that this most unconventional pet family made it to our radar so that we can share the adorable tale with all of you.

While barn cats aren’t always the most cuddly felines around, they are very honored guests on farms and large ranches. Keeping rodents away valuable crops, a barn cat is usually quite useful to the territories that they both guard and claim as their home turf. We suspect that Della is not only worth her weight in gold where she lives, but it appears that this particular barn cat also has a heart of gold. We see her loving heart in action as we marvel at the pics of her caring for the young ducklings side by side with her own new litter of fuzzy kittens.

Other Cute Couplings

If this odd but sweet collection of reminds you of a different kitty/duckling combination, you’re not the only one having a little deja vu moment. You’ll recall the curious case of the kitten who fell head-first for a group of inquisitive ducklings, which we shared with you this summer.

Whether a barn cat with ducklings or a pug and a mini-pig meeting for the first time, these pairings are just too sweet to pass up, so expect us to alert you every time we find evidence of such a heartwarming bond.

Have a Barn Cat Story?

Do you have a favorite barn cat story? Any interesting stories of pets and other animals adopting another as their own? We’re looking forward to you sharing details and your sweetest photos in the comments section now.