A Best Friend for Christmas: Depressed Marine Gets a Puppy

Whoever came up with the phrase, “a dog is man’s best friend” hit the nail on the head. And the saying couldn’t be truer for this tear-jerker of a story. Young, retired U.S Marine Corp vet returned home to his family in Tallahassee hoping to get back to his life and new beginnings. But Peter Coukoulis didn’t expect to begin suffering from PTSD (post-traumatic stress disorder) shortly after settling back in.

For those of you who don’t fully know, PTSD can bring on massive anxiety, stress, depression, vivid flashbacks, and major insomnia. It can be near impossible to deal with or overcome. And often, veterans are left feeling isolated and alone in their suffering. And that’s pretty much how Peter felt for three years.

All until just recently, after his loving family got together and found the perfect gift for him. Gathered around the kitchen table, Peter sat as his family watch him examine the big present wrapped with a bow. He seemed to think he knew what was in it, but he was clearly wrong according to his face upon opening the lid.

Inside, a gorgeous, sweet beagle puppy met Peter with his precious little eyes and it was instant love. It’s exactly what Peter needed and he broke down in tears of happiness when he held the pup in his arms. The puppy will grow up to be his service animal and closest friend, something that every PTSD sufferer could benefit from. When this depressed marine gets a puppy, his whole world changes.

Animal therapy can be extremely successful in overcoming any type of anxiety or depression, even major PTSD. Peter’s family member, Dena spoke with the news agency and stated that the puppy has already changed Peter’s life in so many ways.

What an inspiring Christmas story! Do you have a holiday tear-jerker of your own to share? Comment below!