The Best Toys for Big Chewers

This is an image of a black Labrador Retriever with his toy chickens.

It’s no secret, dogs love to chew. But some breeds are worse than others and require something to constantly chew on. So, rather than risk them gnawing on your furniture or your favorite pair of shoes, invest in some quality dog toys that are best for big chewers. Here’s a few that are tried, tested, a proven to work great.

1) Kong Classic

Kong is one of the most trusted brands in dog toys, especially solid rubber ones for mega chewers. The Kong Classic is a bulbous red toy that’s sort of resembles a stubby snowman. The weird shape of the dog kong causes they toy to flop around awkwardly and dogs just love it. The best part of these is the fact that their almost solid rubber, aside from the hollow center that allows you to stuff a yummy treat inside. Do that and watch them go nuts!

2) NylaBone

I love this brand; they make the best nylon based chew toys for my bull dog. Normally, regular bones or toy bones are gone within minutes of her receiving them. But NylaBone makes a chew toy that’s built to last. They come in a variety of shapes and sizes, but most have nifty little bumps and textures to make chewing even more fun for them. This one is even bacon flavored!

3) NylaBone for Puppies

Don’t forget the puppies, hey love to chew more than any of them! The problem with puppies is that they have small mouths and delicate little teeth. So, make sure to get them a special chew toy made just for them. Like this variety pack of NylaBone for puppies. These are some of the best puppy toys.

4) Rawhide

There’s a ton of misconceptions about rawhide for dogs. But you can wean out the bad from the good by making sure you buy quality products made from real ingredients. There are some brands on the market that use plastics and other less than stellar substances in their “rawhide”, but what you really want is 100% real cow or pig rawhide for you dog. These are great for chewing and are also a yummy treat that lasts longer than two seconds.

With big breeds, make sure to get them the large pieces, not the tiny ones they can choke on. Those are best reserved for small dogs like Shih Tzu and Chihuahua.

5) West Paw

West Paw makes great chew toys for all breeds, but what’s so great about them is that their toys float in water and they’re non-toxic and BPA free. These are little softer than that of the NylaBone type toys, but still just as durable. Most are solid rubber and come in cool colors like this Hurley in teal!

pit bull terrier dog in the park red pet on the grass

And there you have it! There’s tons of great dog toys on the market for big chewers, you just have to go through trial and error to see which one work best for your pup. I listed these because I have a big slobbery bulldog and she loves each of them. They work, last long, and keeps her away from my shoes.