Can Dogs Eat Lamb Bones and What are the Risks?

dog eating lamb bones

It’s a widely known fact that dogs love their bones. They salivate at the site of them and just love to drag one off to a quiet place and gnaw on it for hours. But there’s a few misconceptions about what bones dogs can and can’t have.

Dog's beef bone for chewing in metal bowl shot on white

Beef is pretty common as a yes. But can dogs eat lamb bones and what are the risks? The simple answer is yes, but there’s more you should know. Let’s take a look.

Edibles and Chewables

First, you should know that there are two types of bones for dogs; edibles and chewables. Some refer to them as edible and recreational, too. Regardless, edibles are the type that actually provides nutritional value to your pet. Ones such as chicken or turkey.

However, you can’t give these to dogs as is. They’re too soft and small. Instead, grind them up in a blender and add to their food. It gives them extra vitamins and minerals.

Chewables, or recreational bones are not meant to be completely eaten. They’re for the fun of chewing and to treat your pet. These should be the large variety like beef, ham, or lamb and should only be of large legs bones or hips. These are hard to break and will last for hours.

Raw, Not Cooked

Make sure that any bones you give your dog is raw. I know a lot of pet owners give their pooch cooked bones left over from a roast or a ham, but it’s not a great idea. Cooked bones are softer and loose a lot of their structure. This causes them to break and splinter easily and these pieces get stuck in your dog’s esophagus and digestive track.

Extra Tips

-Never leave your dog unattended with a bone for too long. They can choke just as fast and easily as we can. This can lead to constipation, choking, surgery, and even death.

-Lamb bones for dogs is a great choice, along with beef or ham. That’s right. Can dogs eat ham bones is no longer a question. It’s now added to the acceptable list with beef and lamb. They’re large, heavy, and don’t break easily. Just makes sure to take them away once the bones get down to a swallowing size.

-If your dog is prone to irritable bowel, stomach issues, or bouts of diarrhea, then don’t give them bones at all. The marrow inside is known to be extremely rich and activates any of these problems. Just avoid it altogether and consider bones alternatives such as rawhide chews, NylaBone, or rawhide bones.

Dog And A Bone

And there you go. Can dogs eat lamb bones? Yes! They can, among many others. You just have to know how and when to give it to them. Just remember that bones should be big, raw, and hard. If they’re small and soft, then you should grind them up and mix with food.

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