CAT FACTS: What Do You Really Know About Your Favorite Pet?

How many cat facts do you know? Of course, these little furballs need love, tenderness, patience and understanding, but how much do you know about the little things that make your precious one so unique among pets? To broaden everyone’s knowledge about cat facts we’ve created 10 trivia questions for you to enjoy. But promise not to peek at the answers until you get to the end, ok?

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Let’s Begin…

1. How long ago did cats decide to start living with humans?

A.) 800 years ago

B.) 8,000 years ago

C.) 12,000 years ago

2. How long does a cat’s pregnancy last?

A.) 9 – ­10 weeks

B.) 6 months

C.) Up to 120 days

3. How many facial expressions can a cat make?

A.) 1


C.) 26

D.) Cats can’t make facial expressions


cat facts

4. Cats with white fur sunburn easily.

A.) True

B.) False

5. What color are a kitten’s eyes at birth?

A.) Green

B.) Blue

C.) Yellow

D.) Brown

6. A cat who has never had human contact is considered to be _____.

A.) Stray

B.) Feral

C.) Both stray and feral

7. Exposure to cigarette smoke can increase a cat’s chances of developing cancer because carcinogens linger in a cat’s fur and are ingested each time a cat grooms.

A.) True

B.) False

8. A group of cats is called a ___.

A.) Pack

B.) Kindle

C.) Clowder

cat facts

9. A group of kittens is called a ___.

A.) Kindle

B.) Pack

C.) Clowder

10. Cats stretch upon awakening in order to loosen their joints.

A.) True

B.) False


1. C ­ Cats started living with humans 12,000 years ago (Source)

2. A ­ The average cat is pregnant for 9 – ­10 weeks (Source)

3. C ­ Cats can make 26 different facial expressions. (Source)

4. A ­ True (Source)

5. B ­ Blue (Source)

6. B ­ Feral (Source)

7. A ­ True (Source)

8. C ­ Clowder (Source)

9. A ­ Kindle (Source)

10. B ­ Cats stretch upon awakening in order to restore circulation (Source)

cat facts

How Many Cat Facts Did You Know?

Of these 10 cat facts how many did you get right? Did any of them surprise you? Tell us your score and if you have questions about any of the answers, let us know below. Now it’s time to find out how many cat facts your friends and family members know. Share this kitty trivia quiz with your email list and all of your social media pals. Be sure to also tag us on your social posts using the #FetchPetCare hashtag so that we can continue this discussion online!