Cat Litter Alternatives Worth Looking Into

cat litter

Any cat owner can attest to how much of a pain it is to deal with litter. It seems that no matter what kind you get you are always dealing with one problem or another. Maybe one litter smells excellent, but it clumps too much, others do not smell at all but are easy to clean, and all of them just seem to go to the dump and take up space. What are your options? With green products becoming more and more popular there must be some alternative to the same old litter. As it turns out, many cat owners are looking to new and different ways of dealing with their cute kitties waste.

cat litter

Paper Litter

One of the things that instantly springs to mind is paper litter. This litter has been growing in popularity recently with brands like Purina’s ‘Yesterday’s News’ or Hartz’s ‘Clumping Paper Litter.’ Purina’s version is highly praised, especially among pet owners of rabbits and other small creatures, as it clumps well and is safe for other animals to use. Many owners like to buy only one litter, so this is a great benefit if you have a large variety of animals. Hartz is praised for the way it eliminates odors and has no dust to deal with. A great perk for those of us with sensitive noses! Paper cat litters are great, but some owners do have a hard time scooping them as they don’t clump as well as clay. They also are often not suitable for composting and end up in the dump. While they have a lot of significant benefits, they still do have their drawbacks.

cat litter


Pine is another popular litter alternative. Pine litter is leftover pine dust from mills combined with other natural materials. Brands like ‘Feline Pine Cat Litter’ and ‘Next Gen Green Tea Fresh Cat Litter’ have been growing in popularity recently. Feline Pine is an all natural litter that is made of pellets. The pellets, like with paper litter, are much better at staying in the litter box than dust and are safe for smaller cats as they don’t get inhaled. Feline Pine is one of the most popular litters out there for good reason. Next Gen’s Green Tea Fresh is excellent in that is compostable. This is a massive benefit for those of us who compost as it means less trash to the landfill. Also, the green tea in this litter controls those unpleasant odors. One, of the most significant benefits of pine litter, is the cost as it tends to be quite inexpensive. Unfortunately, not everyone who reviewed these litters liked the smell, and some cats seemed to be put off by pine. For those they did work for, they worked great; but, if your cat does not like it, then you should probably try something else.


What to Alternative Litter is Best?

Well, it really depends on you and your cat. Some people love pine scent where others hate it. Some don’t mind spending a bit of time wrangling clumps of litter and others want it done as soon as possible. The real trick to these alternative cat litters is to know that they are out there. You don’t always need to get the cheap brand on the grocery store shelf. There are excellent alternatives out there and if the first one doesn’t seem to work don’t hesitate to try a different one. There are lots of alternatives to the old clay litters of the past, and all it takes is an owner who cares for their cat to find the perfect litter for the perfect kitty!