animal rescue

Santorini Street Dogs Living the Resort Life

By Fetch! Marketing / 10:26 am

Santorini is the locale numerous street dogs call home, as are many other locations world-wide, but unlike these other locations the local residents’ band together to give year-round care to these wandering souls.

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California Becomes the First State to Sell Rescue Pets in Pet Stores

By Fetch! Marketing / 4:23 pm

On January 1st, 2018, Assembly Bill 485, also known as The Pet Rescue and Adoption Act, will go into effect in the state of California. This means that pet stores will only be permitted to sell rescue pets, thus putting an end to puppy mill sales state-wide.

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2016 Wasn’t So Bad! Here’s 7 Stories to Prove it!

By Fetch! Marketing / 5:44 pm

2016 is officially dubbed the worst year in history across all social media platforms. Yes, there were epic amounts of horrendous things that happened, but maybe we’re overlooking all the good stuff that occurred. Even just the simple, feel good, stories that warm your heart. Check it out for yourself! 2016 wasn’t so bad! 1.…

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