Santa Rosa Family Returns to Fire-Ravaged Home

By Fetch! Marketing / 11:30 am

Northern California was burning. It seemed to be covering all of Santa Rosa, and the flames were crawling over the hills quickly. Many families, like the Weavers, didn’t have much time to evacuate. Once Clint and Kathy Weaver realized they were surrounded by wildfires, they grabbed what they could, piled into a car and sped…

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Reunited: Incredible Rescue Stories of Hurricane Harvey’s Pets

By Fetch! Marketing / 9:00 pm

Hurricane Harvey was a category 4 hurricane when it hit the Texas coast on August 26, 2017. Ahead of the powerful storm families all throughout the coast were making plans to evacuate or were already in the act of evacuating. For those families who couldn’t take their pets with them to safety, many had to…

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Hurricane Harvey flood apocalypse: How to help pets & their owners displaced by the storm

By Fetch! Marketing / 3:55 pm

Hurricane Harvey, which recently wreaked havoc on Gulf Coast Residents in both Texas and Louisiana beginning Friday, August, 25th, is considered to be one to the most devastating storms in American History. This flood apocalypse created over 1 Trillion tons of rainfall resulting in altogether 450,000 people victim to the flood, with over 30,000 people…

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