#ThursdayThoughts: This dog just had a major epiphany

By Fetch! Marketing / 8:24 am

When you realize you were the good dog all along…

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TGIF Cute Frenchie Photo

By Fetch! Marketing / 11:07 am

TGIF! We’re about as happy as this little guy is right now! Share your weekend adventures with us on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Photo credit: Frenchie The Bulldog

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This pug just realized he can never be a seal :)

By Fetch! Marketing / 5:30 pm

This pug just realized he can never be a seal 🙂 P/c: HealthyDad

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These 10 pets are having the best day ever

By Fetch! Marketing / 6:54 pm

This dog who’s just doing his thing. This Golden Retriever who is in tennis ball heaven. This cat who’s receiving a royal spa treatment. This pug running amok in all his glory. This one big happy family This puppy who just found her furever home. This hamster having a Disney-themed tea party. This birthday boy…

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Corgi puppy finds new archenemy {GIF}

By Fetch! Marketing / 1:37 pm

What is this round, smelly, orb-like entity invading my space? Who sent you here? Go back to your home planet…be gone! Corgi pup finds new archenemy

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