Chicago Fetch! Fans

From Facebook to flyers, there are lots of ways to advertise a business. But when you’re dealing with pet lovers, sometimes the best bet is to simply let the proud parents speak. Fetch! of the Greater Chicago has created a new video that does just that. Listen to what these satisfied customers have to say about the quality care given to their furry friends by Fetch!’s awesome sitters.

Did you hear that? Your pets don’t even have to leave home to get great care while you’re away. Our sitters come to them, whether it’s an overnight stay or just a walk mid-day. Even the tortoise felt the love. Those of you with anxious animals no longer have to fear boarding them for extended periods when you have a last-minute business trip. Even post-surgery, the delicate care of our sitters is sure to have your pet feeling fine in no time!

To find a Fetch! near you, check our locations website HERE.