Church Offers Free Pet Care and Special Pet Services

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Church offers free pet care to needy families.

When it comes to community service, pet care doesn’t always top the list. That’s why we’re hoping that one church near Buffalo, New York will establish a trend among other nonprofit groups around the country. When you hear about the wonderful ways they’re helping cats and dogs, you’re going to want to encourage others to do the same. So get ready to hit the share button and spread the word about the kind, pet-loving folks at the Grace Episcopal Church of Lockport, New York.

Great Neighbors!

Known for being the “City of Good Neighbors”, Buffalo has some of the coolest we know! Lockport is situated just 40 minutes north of Buffalo and one congregation in that city really has a heart for pets. Understanding that some of their parishioners and community members are experiencing grave financial difficulties and even homelessness, Grace Episcopal Church has taken it upon themselves to step in and help out. In addition to a food pantry for adults in need, the church also offers a food pantry for pets where it has been known to give out as much as 900 pounds of pet food in a single hour!

The church’s pet care services only start with a food pantry, but it doesn’t end there. These pet loving community leaders also provide free bedding and supplies donated from pet-related companies who are all too happy to help a good cause out. They even have a veterinarian who volunteers at the pet food pantry to help keep the fur children of low-income families in good health.

Do Dogs Go to Heaven?

An answer to that question is far beyond our pay grade. But we do know that dogs go to church! That’s right, at Grace Episcopal Church dogs are welcome to attend services with their families on one designated Sunday every month. Such a special outing falls conveniently on the same day that the pet food pantry is open, making it easy for pet families to enjoy quality time together while getting the pet care assistance that they desperately need.

Code Blue For Pets

As noted in this news story about the church and its special brand of pet care, some homeless residents will bypass shelters who don’t accept pets, even under code blue weather warnings such as a dangerous drop in temperatures! We understand not wanting to leave a pet behind, especially under such dire circumstances, which is why we salute Grace Episcopal Church for providing shelter for pets when those intended for humans turn them away. This way, a pet parent can partake of warmth and shelter when needed, while resting assured that their beloved companions are also being cared for in separate, but very warm and safe environment.

Each One Teach One

Other community organizations across the nation are doing great things for individuals and families. Some may also be encouraged to offer compassionate pet care similar to the ways that Grace Episcopal Church does. If one group is making a difference in such a positive way, imagine how many pets would benefit if these simple services were available in every city and town throughout the U.S. and beyond?

Other Unique Pet Care Providers

What do you make of Grace Episcopal Church and the ways in which they reach out to pets and their families? Do you know of another traditionally human-centered organization offering pet care services like this? Please be sure to share this post and leave your thoughts and comments in the space below.