Cole and Marmalade Prove That Cats Have Feelings, Too!

What you’re about to witness is a compilation of brilliant performances by two talented and happy cat actors, Cole and Marmalade. Do cats have feelings?– a question often asked by people who are curious about cat behavior, but who haven’t quite mastered reading cat body language. Fortunately, for all of us, Cole and Marmalade have volunteered to answer this age-old question by depicting a full array of emotions right before our very eyes. Get your tissues ready and prepare yourselves to laugh and cry with this un-fur-gettable duo.

See what we mean? Cole and Marmalade gave us a myriad of happy cat emotions right along with fear, confusion and guilt…and they did it all without ever breaking character. What talent! And who knew that such subtle cat behavior cues were actually communicating so much depth of emotion?

Cole and Marmalade Favorites

Marmalade really drew us in with his performance of trust and cole pawsitively nailed it with his rendition of love. I mean, who doesn’t appreciate a warm fuzzy nose-rub at the end of a long day? We were especially fond of these clips, but which Cole and Marmalade performance did you enjoy the most?

Oh Happy Cat!

Good pet care depends quite a bit on understanding an animal’s moods and emotions. We are so grateful that Cole and Marmalade took the time to decode a few of these for the world and to answer the age-old question about cats and emotions once and for all. Aren’t you?

Your Turn to Share

Do you know any other fabulous cat actors like Cole and Marmalade? Do you have a sad, excited or happy cat video to share? Or do you have any stories about cats and their emotions? We absolutely love hearing from our fellow pet lovers, so please take a moment to express your thoughts before you go.