Cute Dog Goes Fishing

What happens when a cute dog goes fishing and comes up short? Why, we all fall in love with him, of course! Just take a look at the cutest dog in the world as he tries his best to snag a fish that just refuses to be caught:

How adorable is this precious little Golden Retriever who can’t seem to retrieve a doggone thing? And is that Nemo who is so effortlessly eluding him? We just love his tenacity even if we do feel a little sorry that this fuzzy fisher-pup didn’t get the catch of the day. He certainly looks like he had a good time trying though, right?

We live for cute dog videos like this one, don’t you? The innocence of a brand new puppy experiencing the world around him for the first time is such a joy to behold. This little guy’s dogged determination is nothing short of inspiring either!

For those of you who are curious, the cute dog starring in this video is named Brady and you can expect to see a lot more of him. With 31,000 followers on Instagram we’re guessing he’s a pretty popular pup! This most adorable pooch has the makings of a star since he’s so photogenic and naturally entertaining (as you can tell from this video). We look forward to following Brady and his escapades for a very long time.

Your Cute Dog Videos

Do you have any cute dog videos to share? We like pictures, too, so send them our way if you’ve got them! Any comments on sweet little Brady (who we’ve dubbed to be the the cutest dog in the world…ok, we know we say that about ALL DOGS, but still…)? We always look forward to hearing from our readers, so the floor is yours now!