Dog Secret Menus

Some of America’s most well-known dining establishments share their love for Fido in a fun way: by offering off-menu treats that are for dogs only. Sound appetizing? We’ve got the scoop on where to find these dog-friendly secret snacks.


Visit your local Starbucks and order a “Puppuccino”. That’s right, not Cappucino but Puppuccino. Free of charge, the barista will gladly serve you a cup of whipped cream to feed to your dog. This is one we tried ourselves and were surprised at how generous of a portion they gift you. That being said, if you have a small dog we recommend letting them know this so that you don’t end up giving your dog too much of a good thing!


This hamburger chain makes “pup patties” which are plain, unsalted hamburger patties served in a doggy bag, of course.


Dairy Queen
Hot summer day? Visit a Dairy Queen and order a “pup cup”. Only available at participating locations, this cup of vanilla soft-serve ice cream will make your dog feel extra loved.

Sprinkles Cupcakes bakes a special doggie cupcake that is topped with a yogurt-based frosting… yum! This special treat is not-so-secret and will cost you $2.50. That’s $2.50 well spent!

Tim Hortons
In 2012, Tim Hortons expanded across the Canadian border into the United States and has since been offering our four-legged friends “Timbits”. Timbits are sugar-free bite-sized donuts you can order for your dog. Limit one per customer.dogHave a secret menu tip for us? Let us know by writing or by leaving a comment below!