Dog Toys That Your BFF Will Absolutely Adore

Is your bestie in need of a few new dog toys? Perhaps he’s torn the stuffing out of his old favorites or has even lost a beloved one or two. We know how much an old faithful toy means to your cuddle buddy, so we want to spend a little time talking about 5 special dog toys that we know he’ll absolutely adore.

dog toys

1. Binkie

Dogs love a good Kong toy and here’s one that’s made especially for puppies! This adorable pacifier­like toy helps teething puppies, as well as provides them with hours of fun trying to get to the snacks you’re going to hide inside of the Binkie!

2. Dental Dinosaur Chew

We love dog toys that also come with health benefits, which is why this chew toy from Nylabone is a must­-have! Your dog will love chewing on it as often as possible and, when he does, you can take joy in knowing that he’s also cleaning yucky tartar and plaque from his teeth.

3. Wobble Wag Giggle

As seen on tv, the Wobble Wag Giggle is an interactive joy that will keep your dog occupied whether you’re away from home or just too busy to play. Made of polyester, this toy makes cute giggling sounds whenever it is shaken or nudged around. It’s one of the cutest dog toys of its kind and doesn’t need batteries, so it should occupy your pooch for years to come.

4. Hide A Squirrel

Have a dog who likes to hunt? She’s going to go bonkers for Hide A Squirrel! Just place the little squeaky squirrels inside the plush tree trunk and let your dog do her thing as she retrieves the little critters on her own. This one even comes in squirrels for small, medium and large dogs!

dog toys

5.  Sock Monkey Shaker
Dog toys that can be pulled, shaken and tossed about are always highly favored! So, treat your bestie to one of these adorable sock monkey shakers that squeak when squeezed. The cute little monkeys come in a variety of colors and we know that your pup is going to have crazy fun with this one, so why not stock up on several and add them to her toy chest right away?

More Dog Toys

In need of more dog toys to satisfy your beloved’s craving for fun? Try these recommendations from the Humane Society for more great ideas and safety advice. And if you have a few suggestions you’d like to share with our community, by all means leave them below!