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Dog walking is an essential part of pet ownership. Taking your pup for a walk can provide them with the exercise and stimulation they need to stay healthy and happy. But what if your busy schedule does not allow you the time?

That’s where Fetch! Pet Care comes in! We are dedicated to helping Naple’s dog owners by offering professional, attentive, and friendly pet care services. Our dog walkers are trained and experienced and will provide your pup with individualized attention. Let us help provide your pup with the exercise and socialization they need – Schedule your dog walking today!

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Promotes Health & Exercise

Dog walking promotes a healthy lifestyle for pets and helps to prevent obesity, relieve boredom, and work off pent-up energy. The benefits of regular outdoor walking can include improved digestion, muscular development, and joint flexibility. Dog walking also provides them with a chance to explore, sniff, and interact with the environment while safely on-leash.

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Can Help Eliminate Destructive Behavior

If your pup is showing destructive behaviors, such as chewing, digging, or barking, they likely need more exercise. Dog walking can help eliminate much of this bad behavior, giving you peace of mind and a better dog.

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Daily Walks Are Important For Weight Control

Daily walks are an important part of maintaining a healthy weight for your pup. Dogs that don’t get enough exercise may become overweight and develop other health issues. Keeping your pup at a healthy weight can help keep them active and reduce joint pain and stiffness. Regular walks also help keep your pup’s coat and skin healthy and can help reduce skin allergies.

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Helps Create New Friendships

The benefits of dog walking don’t just stop at exercise. Getting them out and about with other dogs can help socialize them which can lead to new friendships. This can help prevent the onset of aggressive behaviors that can be dangerous and difficult to reverse.


How Fetch! Pet Care Can Help

Fetch! Pet Care of Naples is dedicated to providing quality dog walking services to all pet owners. Our knowledgeable and experienced dog walkers will provide personalized attention and care to each pup, tailored to their personalities. You can choose from private walks, group walks, potty or bathroom breaks, and more. Plus, we provide GPS tracking of our walks so you can keep an eye on where your pup is, how far they’ve gone, and the total time of their walk. With dog walking services from Fetch! Pet Care of Naples, you can be sure your best friend is getting the physical and mental stimulation they need for their overall health and wellbeing.

Don’t let your schedule keep your pup from getting the exercise they need — schedule your dog walking service today!


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