Doggie Photo Booth Saves Lives

dog photo booth

Doggie Photo Booth Saves Lives

No, photo booth dogs is not a carnival attraction, but it is an idea that we hope draws a huge audience. First a little background on what exactly this means and why it’s so important to shelter dogs all over the country.

I was talking to my friend yesterday at our regular Sunday afternoon meetup at the coffee shop. She was explaining to me how heartbreaking her work at the local animal shelter can be. There are so many wonderful pets that people don’t even know about because there are only so many ways to get the dogs seen. She posts photos and bios of pets in need on the shelter website, to various pet rescue search sites, and also shares their stories with social media. However sometimes, it takes getting a bit more creative to rehome these pets for placement in their forever homes.

“The problem is that there are so many pets,” she said, “if the pet is not that special, just average looking, they very well might be looked over. People want white fluffy kittens or Chocolate Labradors.”

Photographer Guinevere Shuster works with the Humane Society of Utah to photograph their dogs. She has figured out how to help the average looking pet personalities shine so people see the dogs sparkle. She created a “photo booth” look for pets where they get a chance to show their personalities and, voila, photo booth dogs instantly shine. Oh, what a great way to make the pet adoption process that much more special!

A Simple Setup for Photo Booth Dogs

Schuster uses a plain white background and dog biscuits to get the pets to interact with her. Using a quick shutter allows her to get those blink-of-an-eye expressions that bring in families for these amazing and deserving companions.

I’m pretty excited for my next meetup with my friend. Hopefully we will be able to figure out how to take some pictures that will show the shelter dogs personalities, just like Shuster does with her photography. After all, photo booth dogs is all about saving lives.