Explore Frisco with Your Furry Friend!

Are you and your pup looking for an adventure? If so, Frisco has many trails to explore that are perfect for both of you. Whether you’re a beginner or experienced hiker, these trails have something for everyone. Check out Colonel’s top picks – Frisco Commons Park, Beaver’s Bend Trail, and Caddy Trail – to get started on your outdoor journey in no time.

Frisco Commons Park

Let’s start with Frisco Commons Park. This park has plenty of shaded trails and fields to explore with your furry friend. You can even find a few friendly people here who are willing to join you on your hikes. Plus, it is located close to the city center which makes it easy to access from anywhere in town. Be sure to bring plenty of water for both of you since the park does not provide any drinking water sources. And don’t forget waste bags! Most trails have bags and trash cans available if you need them.

Beaver’s Bend Trail

Next up is Beaver’s Bend Trail – this trail offers plenty of space off the path for your pup to run around and explore without getting too far away from you. It also provides some beautiful views of the city skyline while still being close enough that it won’t take all day just to get there. Again, make sure you bring plenty of water as there are no sources along the trail itself and no shade either so be prepared! 

Caddo Trail

Finally, check out Caddo Trail which offers more than 3 miles of excellent views as well as plenty of shade provided by the trees lining the path. There are plenty of benches along the way so take a break every once in a while and enjoy nature with your pup! Just remember that waste bags are always needed when exploring outdoors so come prepared with those too!

With all these amazing trails available throughout Frisco, there is something for everyone and their pup! Not only will both you and your furry friend get some much-needed fresh air but also exercise while exploring nature together. So what are you waiting for? Pack up some supplies (including waste bags!) and hit one of Colonel’s favorite trails today! Have fun!