Fetch! Featured on The Urban Mutt

Fetch! Pet Care Chicago was featured on an episode of the web series The Urban Mutt.

In the video, Urban Mutt host Chad takes his dog Guinness to the Wicker Dog Park in Chicago, IL. In the video, Fetch! Chicago representatives speak about the history of the franchise and its fast paced growth, including over 20,000 clients, along with many services offered from hotel to in-home sitting. An important focus of the video is the fact that keeping the pets in their routine is of the utmost importance, from a routine sitter and walker to anti-kennel boarding that doesn’t remove the dog from the comfort of its own home. And not just dogs! Cats, rabbits,¬†ferrets¬†and guinea pigs are all taken care of by this diverse staff.

The real stars of the video? The pets! You’ll be able to see a group of dogs who are a part of Fetch!’s group exercise that allows social dogs to get interaction with other furry friends – a great change from the solitary walks that many dogs may be accustomed.

A wonderful job done by the team at Fetch! Pet Care Chicago, and many thanks to Chad and the Urban Mutt team for their wonderful interview. To view the video click HERE or view it below: