These Five Podcasts Will Make You A Better Pet Parent

Fitness Woman And Dog On Beach

We love a good podcast. Podcasts are hands down one of our favorite ways to consume media about pets and pet ownership here at Fetch! Pet Care. You can listen to your favorite shows on the road, while you’re at work, and the best part — they allow you the flexibility to listen on your own schedule. What is a podcast you ask? A podcast is a digital audio file located on the Internet for downloading to a computer or mobile device. You can download a podcast from it’s homepage, however, it’s easier when you utilize a podcast app. There are many apps available for downloading and listening to a podcast so we recommend navigating your device’s app store to find one that works for you. We live in the world of online media where there is no shortage of quality pet-centric podcasts, however, these five are Fetch! Pet Care tested and approved. The must-have’s of the pet podcast world.


Hosts Nancy and Harold Rhee have been married for over 20 years and have fostered over 60 dogs. Pawprint is a weekly podcast dedicated to animal rescue where they interview the heroes who make animal rescue happen. Their goal — to inspire you to get out into your community and help, perhaps even become a rescue hero yourself. This is one listen that will give you all the feels.

Dr. Dunbar’s iWoof Podcasts

Dr. Dunbar’s iWoof Podcasts are great because they cover a wide range of topics. From real life scenarios like Marcy in Boston who has an unpredictably aggressive dog that bites at the ankles of houseguests and likes to attack skateboards. Whats so refreshing about Dr. Dunbar’s iWoof Podcasts is that you never know what you’re going to hear about next. One week we may learn about leash-pulling, the next it’s about dogs eating poop followed by Marina and her squirrel-chasing lab.

Canine Nation

Updated monthly, Canine Nation is a great resource for dog parents who enjoy nerding out on behavioral science in dogs. Feed your brain with knowledge on dealing with demanding dogs, how to make training rewarding for you and your pet, or, what to do if you think your dog is “dominant”. Understanding exactly how your dog operates will make your life easier as a pet owner. A more relaxed and understanding pet owner makes for a happy pet. It’s a win-win!

In Dog We Trust: This American Life

An “oldie but goodie” which has been around since way back when podcasts were a thing. This American Life’s In Dog We Trust is an hour long series of essays about pets (dogs, cats, fish — the whole gang), and exactly how they’re caught up in our everyday family dynamics. With Ira Glass & David Sedaris as featured storytellers, these stories are downright hilarious. You know it’s going to be an entertaining hour of narration when one of the latest episodes is entitled “If Cats Ran Hollywood”.

The Dog Trainer’s Quick & Dirty Tips for Teaching & Caring for Your Pet

The Dog Trainer’s Quick and Dirty Tips for Teaching and Caring for Your Pet wants you and your dog to have a wonderful time together. These weekly tips cover all the bases: “Help! My dog bit my baby”, “Learn how to choose a veterinarian”, and, “Can dogs detect generosity” are just a few of the episodes The Dog Trainers have delivered. Every episode is replete with knowledge and is well-worth your time.

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