Funny Animals Vs. Mirrors

What happens when funny animals meet mirrors for the first time? Pure comedy, that’s what! If you’re in the mood for a good laugh, click the play button and prepare to be thoroughly entertained as you watch some pretty funny animals meet their “doppelgangers” for the first time.

Hilarious, right?

That darling reptile at :53 seconds may have actually fallen in love with himself! Obviously smitten with what the mirror revealed to him, it looks like he snagged a pretty good catch. Wouldn’t you agree?

With so many dogs, cats, reptiles and birds to enjoy in this week’s video spotlight, it is hard to decide which one of these funny animals stole the show. They are all just so entertaining and cute! If forced to select the most memorable, however, we’d probably go with the pooch who enjoyed the reclining patty-cake session featured at 1:58. That was a best friend’s moment if I ever saw one!

These funny animals were quite energetic, too. Each one was so investigative, playful and a few were even more than a bit defensive. With paws, claws and beaks up, some of these animals weren’t going to be caught off guard by the stranger who so suddenly appeared before them. Perhaps the most interesting on this front was the kung-fu kitty at 3:35 who employed a new somersault technique not seen very often in funny animal vs. mirror videos. Truly priceless!

Your Thoughts on Funny Animals Vs. Mirrors

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