FUNNY DOGS: Friend Snitches on Her Bestie

When funny dogs don’t know they’re being funny dogs, they’re even funnier, right? That’s exactly why we picked this French Bulldog and Bullmastiff for this week’s spotlight. We think you’re going to find this video to be very entertaining!

Here’s a little backstory for you: someone has unraveled a roll of toilet paper, which is now strewn all over the house. The evidence seems to be unmistakable since the Bulldog in this video is actually wearing the paper along with the cutest guilty expression ever. It is what happens next that is so hilarious, though. Take a look:

See what we mean? This funny dog just ratted her playmate out in a snap. But wait, that’s not fair for us to say since the Bullmastiff did appear to hesitate just before pointing a paw at the guilty party. From her expression, it appears that she really didn’t want to snitch her bestie out, but it was looking like she might have been in the hotseat, too, had she not told the truth…or at least her version of it.

Though she never appeared on camera, the pack leader in charge of these funny dogs was great in her role, as well. Despite the major clues staring her in the face, she asked all the right whodunit questions. Asking these funny dogs, “who made this mess?” and, “do you want to wear that toilet paper all day long?” was a brilliant interrogation, which brought about the most adorable response!

While dogs are still loyal to humans, clearly they don’t have the same feelings for their doggie playmates. We’re sure that these two are still besties, but it appears that doggie friendships only goes so far when it comes to crimes of destruction. Still, one question lingers in our minds, though…

Can Funny Dogs Lie?

Last week, we showed you what lengths a guilty dog will go to to beg for forgiveness. This week, we find out what an innocent dog will do to avoid false charges. But is she truly innocent? How do we know that this funny dog didn’t brilliantly mastermind the whole toilet paper vandalism scheme after all? If she’s smart enough to be a tattletale, why couldn’t she also be smart enough to set her friend up? Tell us who you believe and what you think of these funny dogs in the comments section below.