Happy Dogs and the Joys of Dinnertime

Happy dogs have healthy appetites! After watching these lovable pooches jump for joy and shake with excitement, you’ll see that dinnertime is one of the major highlights of each one’s day. These happy dogs can barely contain their enthusiasm as their owners repeatedly ask, “Are you hungry? Are you ready to eat?” Watch the video for yourselves and you’ll plainly see that these dogs are beyond ready to chow down and that they’re super happy about their dinnertime fare.

At the end of a long day, who doesn’t love a good meal, good company and a little attention from a loved one? We all know the soothing comfort that a hearty evening meal brings to the table, so it’s no surprise to see these happy dogs wiggle with excitement at the mere thought of food heading their way. With hungry eyes and excited leaps, these adorable pets will bring a smile to your face as you feel their anticipation.

Be sure to check the un-fur-gettable guy out at 1:01 who gets so worked up over licking his spoonful of goodness that he just plain forgets he’s a four-legged creature. In those moments of bliss, he’s fine with performing a two-legged feat in order to satisfy his appetite. He’s not the only one to perform such a task as we clearly see lots of happy dogs hopping and doing their best begging routines using just two feet. Hunger seems to turn these most happy pets into furry acrobats as they leap high and spin in circles all for the love of good grub!

More Happy Dogs at Dinnertime?

We’d love to check out more stories, photos and videos of happy dogs expressing their love for evening meals. Please feel free to share your own contributions in the space below. And if you ever need one of our pet sitters or dog walkers to take over mealtime duties for you, give us a call. We love bringing joy to a pet’s life and we’ll even snap a pic or two so that you can witness your fur-baby’s excitement when you return home.