Healthy Pet Lifestyle Tips

A healthy pet is a happy pet and we want your love bugs to experience both! Did you know that dogs need sunblock or that there are meals that you and your pooch can actually enjoy together? No? Well, you’re going to love today’s post, then. See, we’ve designed a handy infographic to help you and your pet achieve good health by practicing a few simple daily habits. Check it out:

Keep Your Pet Healthy


Go for Long Walks

Fresh air and walking helps improve you and your dog’s health. Experts recommend humans should walk at least 30 minutes per day and the amount needed for dogs will vary by breed. So, get on the good foot and take your buddy for a nice leisurely walk today!

Wear Sunblock

Yes, dogs need sunblock, too! And pets with white fur are especially prone to sunburn. When spending time outdoors, remember to apply sunblock on yourself and find a good pet-safe sunblock for your fur companion, too.

Enjoy Home Cooked Meals & Treats

A healthy pet is one with a good diet and what better way to ensure that your pet is getting all the nutrients she needs than to whip up a few recipes in your own kitchen? Look for healthy DIY recipes online and find a few that you and your pet can enjoy together.

Sleep with Your Pet

A recent Mayo Clinic survey discovered that many people report getting a better night’s sleep when they slept with a furry cuddle buddy. While this tip may not be for everybody, we know that your pet would love for you to test it out for yourself!

Get Rid of Household Toxins

Plants, cleaning products, aerosol sprays and more can be dangerous to your pet. Some may even make you sick over time, too! Be extra mindful about the ingredients in the everyday products you use at home and opt for those that support a healthy pet and a healthy HUMAN lifestyle.

Maintain a Healthy Weight

Just like humans, a healthy pet is neither underweight nor overweight. The latter is a particular problem for pets in America as studies have shown that more than half of all cats and dogs in the U.S. are overweight! Speak to your vet about the optimal weight range for your pet and how you can help her achieve and maintain the desired goal.

Schedule Healthy Pet Exams

When you schedule the rest of the family’s annual health and dental checkups, don’t forget to do the same thing for your beloved fur baby! Routine examinations are great ways to support preventative care and get the edge on potentially life-threatening illnesses through early detection.
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Your Healthy Pet Tips

How do you keep your pets in tip-top shape? Do you have any special tips or advice to share with our readers? Join the pet care conversation @fetchpetcare and remember to share this infographic with everyone in your social media circles!