Heroic Pup Saves His Sister From Toy Snake

What would Penny do without Maymo? Lucky for her she doesn’t have to find out! We love this little hero and are so happy that Penny can depend on him for her rescue. That’s what floppy-eared brothers are for, right?

During the opening scene it’s clear that Penny didn’t quite know what to make of things as the odd-looking toy creature headed her way. Backing away with caution and even hiding at one point, it was nice to see Penny’s confidence rise as Maymo came to her rescue. Every little nervous pooch should have a ‘Maymo’ they can depend on.

Animals are so precious in the ways that they help each other out and set brave examples for their pals who need it. The way that Maymo dashes in to save Penny– and even attempts to bite the head off of the pretend bully– is beyond cute! His little growl session when he conquers the toy snake just highlights his champion status. It’s almost like he’s saying, “Get up! I dare you to get up and threaten my sister again, chump!”

We just love these videos and can’t get enough of the pets who star in them. Do you have a funny pet vs. toy video to share? If so, place a link in the comments section so that we can check it out.