Why you should invest in a chew-proof dog bed

dog bed

It is a common misconception that dogs will abandon or overgrow their chewing tendencies once they grow up. This statement cannot be further from the truth. In fact, puppies used to chewing will keep on chewing when they are older. The only difference is that once older their chewing abilities will be stronger and consequently the damages will be greater.

Purchasing a bed that is resistant to chewing is an integral part of puppy or dog-proofing your home and protecting the furniture.

Why are dog beds important?

A good dog bed provides:

  • A private space and sense of security
  • Insulation from the floor in both winter and summer
  • Injury prevention
  • Cushions for joints and bones
  • Control of the spread of hair, dirt, and dandruff.

Once you have decided to invest in a dog bed, it is highly recommended to invest in a dog bed capable of withstanding years of usage without signs of damage and tearing off. The best way to achieve this is to find a chew proof bed. Since we all know how much dogs enjoy chewing on objects they are not supposed to, your new, high-end, top-of-the-line dog bed can get destroyed within minutes if not chew proof. 

dog bed

Chew proof dog beds

Generally speaking, chew proof dog beds are either made of really tough materials or designed in a way that makes it hard for dogs to grasp their teeth into them. To be more precise, when designing chew proof dog beds, manufacturers need to consider four important specifications. Those are:

Material – chew resistant and durable materials, dogs do not like to gnaw on. Chew resistant dog beds are made of high-quality and heavy-duty constructions and super-tough covers.

Type – suspended beds with elevated sides are hard to chew on.

Shape – shapes that make it uncomfortable or awkward for the dog to chew on them.

Accessories – chew proof dog beds must not have exposed and easily accessible zippers, corners and steams.

Dog beds are the commonly chewed household items. Therefore many dog bed manufacturers are starting to design and produce dog beds that can withstand anything the dog tries to do to them. These indestructible, super beds are commonly called chew proof dog beds, anti-chew dog beds or anti-chew dog beds.

Chew proof dog beds are usually made of metal frame constructions with elevated surfaces and non-grip, tough materials. The materials are strong enough to withstand chewing and gnawing and make it hard for the dog to bite into them at all. Additionally, these beds are made in shapes that are uncomfortable for chewing. They also have unexposed zippers. 

Once the dog realizes it is not able to chew on its bed it will eventually give up. 

dog bed

Why dogs chew their beds

It is advisable to consider and properly address the underlying cause of chewing and destroying furniture. Some dogs chew because they are anxious, some dogs chew because they are bored, some dogs chew because they need exercise and some chew simply because they like chewing. In fact, in most cases chewing is a natural habit for dogs and it has no underlying cause other than instincts.

Additionally, dogs may be nesting or suffering from separation anxiety. Destructive chewing is quite common in certain dog breeds. Young teething dogs chew to relieve the pain caused by the growing teeth. All in all, constant chewing can be as a result of pain, hunger, illness, anxiety or boredom.

Ways of prolonging your dog bed’s life

If your dog is a tenacious chewer, even the strongest and most durable chew proof bed will not last long. Luckily there are several ways of prolonging the life of your dog bed. Those include:

  • A tired dog is a good dog – make sure your dog gets plenty of physical exercises and mental stimulation, every day but especially prior to crating.
  • Train your dog not to chew – interrupt and correspondingly punish any attempt at chewing inappropriate items.
  • Do not leave your dog alone for prolonged times – limiting your dog’s alone time or breaking up long alone days by hiring dog walkers can help your dog feel fulfilled and satisfied, thus prevent it from destructive behavior.
  • Keep your dog entertained – buy your dog puzzle toys to keep it busy while you are away.
  • Redirect your dog from chewing – there are sprays that can repel your dog from chewing.

At first glance, a dog bed seems like a spoiling indulgence. However, if we look deeper we can conclude that dog beds go far beyond common furniture pieces. The dog considers its bed to be a cherished possession with countless benefits.

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