Learn how to make a braided cat collar with a tassel!

braided cat collar

Cat owners and DIY’ers! It’s time to get crafty. We have a fun and simple DIY that will keep you busy on a low key Sunday afternoon while ultimately giving your cat a little touch of boho.

Here’s what you’ll need…

-A cat (or borrow your friend’s)

-Measuring tape


A breakaway cat buckle

-Cotton or nylon rope, any color


First, measure the circumference of your cat’s neck. Take that measurement and multiply it by two, then, add eight inches to that length. This number will be the length of rope you’ll need to begin making your cat’s braided collar. You will need two pieces of rope of this length.

Take your clasp and thread both pieces of rope through it so that on either side of the clasp you have the same length of rope. Now, you’ll begin braiding. If you don’t already know how to braid four strands, that’s OK. We’ve found this handy video tutorial that will show you what to do — it’s a lot easier than it looks! Once you’ve braided a fair amount, drape it around your cat’s neck to gauge how much more braiding you’ll need to do. Repeat if necessary.

braided cat collar

Once you’ve reached the perfect length, thread two outer strands through the back piece of your clasp, then make a knot with all four strands. Thread the strands on your right hands’ side through the loop farthest to the left and pull firmly to secure the knot.

Now it’s tassel time! Trim the tassels to a length of your choosing and seal the ends of the rope with a match. Not sure how to do this? Watch this video tutorial on how to seal a rope with a match. Please take caution when doing this!

Did you try this at home? Let us know how yours came out by leaving a comment below!