Lexi and her pups: A Happy Tale

It is always surprising how much can happen in two months. In two short months, just about nine weeks, ten little puppies were born to Momma Lexi. The surviving eight grew into beautiful puppies and six of those are now in homes. Momma Lexi is all safe and happy in her new home.
The puppies were named for the characters on Criminal Minds; Reid, Prentiss, Hotch, Garcia, Morgan, JJ, Erin.
The puppies got a little messy on their way to the adoption event, so this wonderful family that adopted two gave them baths so the staff could set up for the adoption event.


Here are some of the puppies new families.





The final two puppies will be going home after Thanksgiving Day. The volunteers deserve kudos for all their hard work in taking care of the puppies. The families deserve congratulations for their new family member. Here’s to lots of years of laughter and love!