Meet Robyn Greene: Owner of Fetch! Pet Care of Marin and Sonoma County

Fetch! is more than just your go-to neighborhood dog walking & pet sitting service. We are a community of genuine, compassionate and kind-hearted folk who downright love our pets. In a new series here on the blog at Fetch! Pet Care, we interview the franchise owners who make fetch happen each and every day. In this new behind-the-scenes perspective of who we are at the very core, we share with you what drives your local providers and why they are so passionate about what they do. This month, we’ve featured Robyn Greene, Owner of Fetch! Pet Care Marin and Sonoma County. Robyn has been a member of the Fetch! family since 2007 and is a wonderful example of the amazing people that make up the vibrant and colorful Fetch! tapestry. We had a few questions for Robyn and here is what she had to say…

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F: How did you get your start with dog walking & pet sitting? Before franchising with Fetch! did you have any prior experience caring for pets?

R: I first worked for Fetch in Studio City, LA for a little over a year before deciding to buy Fetch of Marin and Sonoma so I got some great experience with a variety of dogs and cats there and prior to that had always had dogs.
F: What is your favorite part about franchising with Fetch! Pet Care?
R: The franchise aspect I like the most is being able to have a community and support system with other franchise owners who may being experiencing similar things.  Having a pool of information and feedback is a great resource to see what works and what does not and bouncing ideas off each other.  Having updated online systems is great and something that would be difficult to achieve on your own
F: Do you have any pets at home? 
R: Yes, a 7 year old Pit/Lab rescue named Zen who is basically the mascot of the company.  He loves to host dog friends in his home and go on group hikes with the clients : )
F: Favorite furry customer?
R: Although I would love to know them all unfortunately I only get to personally meet a few client’s.  Angel is a chaweenie rescue who I have been walking for the past year with my dog and they are great companions. I have watched her go from a scarred puppy who would run back to the car on a hike to scaling mountains and running through rivers on our hikes.
fetch pet care
F: What is something pet-related that you can not leave the house without?
R: A water bowl
F: Any events or happenings in your area that you’ll be participating in as Fetch! Pet Care?
R: No, I am about to have a baby
F: What inspires you the most about being a Fetch! Pet Care franchise owner?
R: That client’s truly need and appreciate this service and the pet’s are always so happy to see us and benefit so much from the care they receive.  It really makes for a better quality of life.
fetch pet care
F: Where’s your favorite spot to take a dog (or a group of dogs) on a fun excursion?
R: Indian Valley Trail in Novato
F: Do you offer any specialty services?
R: Group Beach outttings
F: Tell us about your most memorable experience during your career with Fetch! Pet Care
R: Most recently during the fires several of our client’s and sitters homes needed to be evacuated while we were providing pet care.  We had several sitters take the client’s pets out of the home and to a safe place until they were able to return.  We had sitters relocate with pets they were boarding or take dogs and cats into their own home while their owners were out of town.  Everyone really pulled together and offered to take pets in for free for the fire victims during that time.
Thank you for your time, Robyn. And congratulations on your baby — we are thrilled for you and your family! If you are local to Northern California and would like to hire Robyn’s team to look after your pets, follow this link to book online. Want to nominate your local franchise owner to be highlighted on the blog? Let us know by writing in at