Oaktown Pup Funkin’ It Up!

Oaktown Pup

WARNING: This Oaktown Pup video will make you dance!

Oaktown pup gonna give it to ya! I’m too cuuute…hot dog! No truer song lyrics were ever sung!

You may not have any idea what we’re talking about now, but in just a few minutes you’re going to join us in singing, “I’m too cuuute” for the rest of the day! Click play and prepare to be wowed by every Oaktown pup featured in this super funky video of the week:

Did you love or did you LOVE it?! Our Fetch! Pet Care team just can’t get enough of these guys and we applaud the East Bay SPCA in Oakland, California for their creativity. A special thanks to them for sharing this catchy song and such a pup-friendly dance video.

While you may have fallen in love with a particular Oaktown pup featured in the video, we’re happy to report that most (if not all) have already been adopted. Talk about an effective marketing campaign! With so many more pets in need of a home we hope that this video inspires you to call your local shelter and adopt a pooch in need of a home right away.

Back to the Oaktown Pup video, though. How cool of an idea was this? Looks like everyone had a great time dancing and singing to this special rendition of Bruno Mars’ hit song Uptown Funk. No shade to Mr. Mars, but we held a vote amongst our team and have decided that we like this version best.

Your Thoughts About Oaktown Pup

Tell the truth, you were dancing in your seat, weren’t you? You know what to do next, right? Share this post with your friends and encourage everyone you know to go out and adopt a pet (especially a senior one) just like one of the ones featured in the video. But before you go, tell us what you think about our latest video of the week and feel free to share a link if you have another video you’d like us to feature soon.