October is “Adopt a Shelter Dog Month”

October is “Adopt a Shelter Dog Month” and the need for good homes for dogs is higher than ever. For us at Fetch! Pet Care, shelter dogs hold a very special place in our hearts, as many of our Fetch! owners volunteer for shelters and have adopted shelter pets themselves. The owner of Fetch! Pet Care of the Hollywood Hills in California, Peggy Kennedy, took the time out of her busy day of dispatching her pet sitters to perform professional pet sitting and dog walking services to speak with us about her two shelter dogs, Duval and Roo, who are an irreplaceable part of her family.

Peg first meet Duval, a Pit Bull, when he was a Fetch! client. Peg and Duval became instant friends on their walks together, and when Duval’s owner could no longer take care of him, Peg took him in. Peg’s husband initially needed some convincing, but after a few cuddle sessions with Duval he was sold!

During the day, Duval stays busy going to elementary schools where he is a certified therapy dog and reads with children once a week. He enjoys tagging along with Peg to pet and adoption events. His favorite foods are muffins and pastries—but these are not a part of his regular nutrition regimen!

And then there is Roo! Peg met the Pit Bull mix when she was “red listed” by the shelter, meaning Roo had been recommended to be euthanized. Roo was suffering from Mange; a skin disorder caused by parasites, and she didn’t get along well with others. Because of the skin sores caused by Mange and her social problems, Roo didn’t have much chance of being adopted.

Peg took her home temporarily, so Roo could avoid being euthanized. Over the next three months Peg spent endless hours with Roo helping her to overcome her behavioral problems and, when Roo still couldn’t find a home, Peg decided she was there to stay! Unlike Duval, Roo is full of energy and spends her days at agility classes, running and hiking. Roo’s favorite food is popcorn!

Many people say that shelter dogs seem more grateful to their owners, but Peg says she’s the one who feels differently towards her dogs because she knows what would have happened to them had she not adopted them. By adopting them, she opened the door for these two great dogs to have a good life, while making room at the shelter for another dog to get the same opportunity. You can give a shelter dog the opportunity for a better life by adopting or fostering; contact your local shelter to learn how you can make a difference.