Pet Care Hacks Everyone Can Use

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Pet care hacks make life easier for you and your pet!

Looking for ways to save money on pet care? Or perhaps you just need to learn a few tricks for outsmarting your cat or dog when they’ve decided to go for a run…without you! Today, Fetch! Pet Care wants to help you discover the easiest, most effective and hassle-free ways to keep your beloved furball safe, healthy and happy. Let’s get started, shall we?

Cold Weather Pet Care Hacks

Keeping pets warm at night

Place a hot water bottle under your pet’s bedding to keep her warm during those long winter nights. No need to buy a special bottle, either. An ordinary juice bottle with a screw top lid will usually suffice and using one or two of these keeps plastic containers out of landfills. Just be sure that the bottle is not too hot to touch and you may even want to wrap it in an old sweater or a flannel shirt to help it retain warmth throughout the night. This pet care hack is also a great idea for those of you who care for feral or stray cats!

Protecting skin from the elements

Good pet care includes keeping your dog warm and protecting his skin and feet from harsh winds and cold surfaces. This can be hard to do during winter months. We advise using a doggie sweater when taking a walk outdoors. Prep it, though, by warming it in the clothes dryer for 15 minutes beforehand. For his paws, rub a little petroleum jelly on them before and after walks to keep them from becoming too dry or chapped.

Tips For the Pet Parents of “Free Spirits”

When your dog chooses the independent route

If your dog runs away and will not come when called, try falling down and pretending to be hurt. Best friend that she is, she will most likely stop her romp long enough to approach you just to check on your well-being. If falling down does not immediately work, you can also try running away from her in the opposite direction until she chases you. As she approaches, try falling again and let her “catch you”. Hey, sometimes pet care must be a little tricky!

Cat gone rogue?

If your cat has slipped out of the house and is nowhere to be found, try leaving her litter box on the porch and keep a close eye on it for several hours. Eventually, she will realize its presence and approach it as part of her territory.

The great escape

Has your dog escaped and you’ve searched everywhere to no avail? Suspect that he’s lost and can’t find his way back home? Place a bowl of food and an article of your clothing outdoors near the place he was last seen. Post a picture of your dog and your telephone number near the items and, in addition to keeping an eye out yourself, ask anyone who sees the dog approach the location to give you a call.

When Your Pet Has Eaten the Wrong Things

Toxic threats

Did you witness or have strong evidence that your cat or dog has eaten a toxic poison? If so, you need to act very fast! Immediately contact your vet or emergency poison control center. Next, induce vomiting on your own by feeding a spoonful or so of hydrogen peroxide. We hope you’ll never have to use this pet care tip, BUT it may actually save your best friend’s life someday if you do. So be sure to keep the right hydrogen peroxide on hand, along with a syringe, just in case it’s ever needed!

Tummy turmoil

If your dog hasn’t consumed a toxin, but simply has an upset tummy and/or diarrhea, feed him a mixture of chicken and rice to help settle his discomfort.

If your cat or dog is constipated, feed it 100% pure pumpkin. High in fiber and vitamins and helpful in hydrating pets, a few doses of pumpkin and things should be moving right along very soon.

Money-Saving Pet Hacks

Why pay more?

A healthy and cost-effective alternative to delicious jerky treats for your dog, is to make them yourself. We’re sure your pooch will appreciate the home-cooked touch, too! There are lots of DIY recipes for you to choose from like this one for chicken jerky.

When your favorite fur-butt gets sick, you want to do everything in your power to help her feel better. Pet care for unanticipated illnesses can be expensive, though. Investigate buying your cuddle buddy’s medications online before purchasing them directly from your veterinarian. Oftentimes, you can find useful discount offers that will allow you to obtain them at a better price.

Dog Walking Pet Hacks

Faced with the dilemma of walking your small dog in an area prone to coyote attacks or even where she may be bullied by a larger dog? It is important to always remember that your dog should never be walked without a leash and should be kept away from larger, more aggressive dogs while visiting a dog park. Despite every human precaution, though, a small dog can sometimes be targeted by predators and larger dogs. Some pet owners are protecting their pooches with spiked clothing, which can thwart a fatal attack. By placing a kevlar vest with strategically placed spikes on your pooch, larger animals are unable to cause harm should one ever attack.

Share Your Pet Care Hacks

This post isn’t finished until you say that it is, so we hope that you’ll chime in with a few pet care hacks of your own. Be sure to also tell us what you think of our list and don’t forget to share it with a pet-loving friend when you’re done.