Pet Shape Up Challenge Successfully Promotes Healthy Weight Control for Pets

We talk about new diet trends, weight loss programs and exercise everyday, but do we consider this for our pets as well? Fetch! Pet Care was recently featured in Pet Business for their focus on pet health and their pet shape up challenge. Preview the article below or read the full story here.

“Pet Shape Up Challenge Successfully Promotes Healthy Weight Control for Pets”
BY: Jennifer Boncy

For the past couple of days, the topic de jour at many water coolers has been the dramatic weight loss achieved by the winner of the NBC TV show The Biggest Loser. Here at Pet Business Media, however, we’ve been awaiting the results of a very different weight loss program: the Pet Shape Up Challenge, a Dog and Cat Weight Loss Program.

Fetch! Pet Care, a dog walking, pet sitting and boarding franchise, joined forces with natural pet food manufacturer Halo, Purely For Pets, not too long ago to launch a pilot program designed to fight pet obesity and promote healthy pet lifestyles. The program emphasized exercise—particularly walking and getting active with Fetch! Pet Care pet professionals—and also included a nutritional component. A resident nutritionist from Halo custom-designed the daily feeding routine for each pet in order to control calorie intake and ensure proper nutrition during the Challenge period. Owners were then coached on how to properly feed and exercise their pets as well during the challenge.

In the fall, we introduced our readers to three participants of the pilot program: Wilbur, Bandit and Dixie (pictured above taking a hike during the challenge), and although we don’t have detailed results on the three animals, Fetch! Pet Care’s founder and CEO recently gave us an update how the pets fared during the challenge and what the companies learned from the pilot. He also filled us on in on a possible national rollout.

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