Popular Twitter Accounts You should Follow by Dog Breed

dog breed


Twitter is full of accounts related to pets and pet owners. Some are good, some are…not so good. But if you’re a major dog lover and would love to fill your feed with adorable dog pictures, then these are 8 popular Twitter accounts you should follow by dog breed. Check them out and see which ones are for you.


1) Shiba


Originally bred for hunting, the Shiba inu is a Japanese dog breed that’s recently become popular as a inside pet. The cute little guys are soft and fluffy, and resemble a husky in some ways. They’re great for hiking and playing outside, but small enough to snuggle with you on the couch. If you want to know more about this breed, follow them on Twitter!


2) Beagles

Adorable beagle puppy with big brown eyes

If you love the floppy ears and the cute howl of a beagle, then this twitter page is one to follow. It reports on anything news related in regards to the Beagle breed and keeps you informed about animal rights events.


3) Golden Retriever

Close Up pair of purebred playful golden retriever dogs outdoors

If you love the golden locks of the beautiful retriever, then this is a cool Twitter page to follow. It’s more laid back and shares posts related to the breed. Everything from super cute pictures to helpful information about the dog.


4) Sasha Pug


That’s Sasha the Pug, not some new crossbreed! Pugs are super cute are well known for being good pets. Their wrinkly faces and happy demeanor make them the perfect dog for families with kids. If you’d like to know more about the breed or get your daily fill of cute pug pics, then follow Sasha Pug on Twitter.


5) Boxers

funny aristocratic looking dog on a terrace chair

There’s so many misconceptions about the boxer breed. They’re not mean or dangerous. In fact, the total opposite. They’re nothing but a bunch of big love bugs. The boxer breed is great for families or active young people and if you want access to a community that shares and educates about the breed, then follow this boxer Twitter page.


6) Poodles

Smart poodle dog typing and reading laptop computer on table

If you love online gaming and poodles (not in that particular order) then this might be a fun twitter account to follow along with. They tweet daily poodle pics as well as share all things gaming. A weird mix, but a fun page.


7) German Shepherds

Shepherd With Dandelions

German Shepherds make the cutest puppies! And if you love the breed and want to show your beloved shep to the world, then this Twitter page is one to check out. They share everything related to the breed and you can send them pics of your dog. And although it’s not puppy specific, be prepared for a cuteness overload, because it’s mostly pup pics.


8) Husky


How can you not love a daily dose of husky cuteness? Especially the ones with the glowing blue eyes. This Twitter page for Huskies is all about sharing pictures, videos, and information related to the breed. So, if you’d like to fill your feed with the ball of fluff, then follow here.