Puckerman’s Snow Day

Meet Puckerman! The star of our latest video. With a name like Puckerman you know this pup has to have a great personality, but after watching this video: A Dog’s Snow Day you’ll have no doubt!

On a snowy Boston day, Puckerman’s family put his coat on him and then strapped on a GoPro camera to his back. Puckerman went outside to share what the snow day looked like from Puckerman’s point of view. I found that Puckerman has a pretty joy-filled perspective. As he bounds through the snow and greets his family members it is hard not to find his enthusiasm contagious.

I was impressed that his family put a comfy coat on him to make sure he stayed warm.  I have some booties for my furry friend because just the thought of them walking on the snow gives me the shivers.

This video really highlights the love and friendship that dog’s and their families share.  It is so evident that Puckerman’s family loves him and that he is a real part of the family.  Who knows, we may be looking at the next YouTube sensation! He sure is a cutie!

What is special about your pets that you could put on a video?