Red Solo Cups and Baby Bulldogs [Video]

Baby bulldogs — what would be cuter? These tiny puppies can be no older than a few weeks and they are clearly playing with red solo cups. I guess that means they are very smart dogs! So what would it be like to have a baby bulldog in the family?

I did a little research and found out a bit about these cute little dogs. According to the site, “
How to Train English Bulldog Puppies
” by Louise Lawson, bulldogs are very smart and also very stubborn. If you don’t start training them at 8 weeks, they will be training you. That sounds suspiciously like what happened with my Peyton sometimes, even though he’s not
a bulldog.

Did you know that short-nosed breeds can overheat easily? I had no idea that they would, and Louise says that is why you should always crate short-nosed dogs in crates that get good ventilation, like a wire crate.

Louise goes on to share some great suggestions to train a baby English Bulldog puppy, and it could go for other puppies, too. I know I’ll incorporate several in my routine, including working on obedience commands.

What’s the cutest thing your pup did when he was a tot?