Simple Steps You Can Take to Ensure Your Pet’s Safety This Spring

Spring and summer are some of the best times of year to enjoy your pets, but, as the weather gets warmer, there is an increased threat for your pet’s safety that can easily be minimized with just a few simple tips. Follow these precautions to keep this summer a fun and safe time for the entire family!

Safe summer outings

On a warm day temperatures inside a vehicle can rise rapidly to dangerous levels. On an 85-degree day, the temperature inside a car with the windows cracked open can reach 102 degrees within 10 minutes, and after 30 minutes the temperature can reach 120 degrees. Even when the temperature outside is a balmy 72 degrees, the temperature inside your car can rocket to a fatal 116 degrees in less than an hour.  As fun as a car ride may be for any pet, never leave them in your vehicle on a warm day.  Plan ahead and make sure that you are traveling to an area that will allow you to bring your pet with you. Do you research ahead of time – even if you’re heading to a public beach or park – they may not be pet-friendly!

Speaking of safe summer outings, our Group Off-Leash Exercises are a fun and safe way for your pet’s to enjoy a sunny summer afternoon with their pals.

Be Vigilant about vet care

Warm weather check ups should include a heartworm test and a flea and tick prevention plan. Depending on your location, your veterinarian may recommend additional vaccines such as the Rattlesnake Vaccine to keep your pet safe.  Need a pet taxi to the veterinarian? Visit our Specialty Services Page for more information.

Keep them cool

I don’t know about your dogs, by my Shepherd LOVES playing in water….my Pomeranian cross – not so much. Regardless of your dog’s love for or aversion to water, they will be grateful for a nice cool-down on a hot day. For water-lovers, have fun with the opportunity by turning on the sprinkler for them to run through, or set up a sturdy kiddie pool for them to make a splash in! If you have a dog that is less thrilled about water, a nice cool sponge bath will do the trick.

Swimming and water activities

Contrary to common belief, not all dogs are skilled swimmers. Stay close to them while playing in a river, lake or ocean. Remember: an experienced swimmer is still susceptible to undercurrents, jellyfish and other water hazards. Do not let your dog drink ocean or lake water – salt water can cause dehydration, while lakes and other bodies of water may contain parasites. Always provide your dog with fresh water. If you’re out boating make sure to provide your dog with his own lifejacket.

Beware of stinging insects

Cats may be curious to pounce on an insect or bee they are attracted to, which could ultimately lead to a bite or sting. Watch for stinging insects and be aware of nearby nests. Avoid leaving out food or drink – especially if they contain sugar as this will attract bees.

What are your warm weather pet safety tips? Leave them for us in the comments below or tweet them to us @fetchpetcare