Smart Dog Ignores Treats From the Dog Catcher

Will a smart dog ever refuse treats? Depending on who sent them, you bet they will! As you’re about to see in our latest video of the week, there’s at least one very smart dog who knows that the dog catcher is bad news. So bad, in fact, that he won’t even accept treats sent to him by his nemesis! Watch this guy in action:

Not only is he super handsome, but he’s brilliant, right? Clearly, this cuddly character has plenty of room in his tummy for a yummy snack, but he appears to have a serious grudge against the dog catcher, too. This grudge far outweighs his hankering for food as he refuses every single kibble sent by the wrong person!

And notice how he literally turns his head away as if to say, “Nope, he’ll never catch me with the old tantalizing treat trick. I’m not even going to look at his phony gifts!” It appears that this smart dog is literally listening for the next name before even continuing to enjoy his snack time. This gorgeous guy clearly loves his family and enjoys the nibbles they’ve sent for his pleasure, but he’s not here for the dog catcher’s games. Nope, not here for them at all!

How’d This Smart Dog Do It?

Do you know a smart dog able to practice such resistance? How do you think this handsome guy came to develop his resolve? Do you think there’s a backstory to their feud? And what do you think this dog would say if he could have a few words with the dog catcher? Tell us what you think about the latest Fetch! Pet Care video of the week and don’t forget to share it with all of the pet lovers in your social networks.