Summer-inspired names for your new cat

It’s summer again! Between trips to the pool and porch barbeques, it’s always nice to take some time to hang out with a new cat in a cool place away from the heat. It’s still a great time to adopt a cat and finding a fun seasonal name for your new kitty will help them bring sunshine year round.


An excellent name for a fiery summer kitty Apollo was the Greek and Roman god of the sun. He would ride his chariot across the sky every day to bring sunlight to the people. He is also the god of the arts, knowledge, and medicine. Giving this name to a cat will show how he literally brings light to your life!


Kyra is an Egyptian name meaning ‘sun’ it also can mean ‘throne’ both of which are perfect for a pampered playful kitten. A name from the land where cats were worshipped as gods is ideal for a new little princess. A cat with this name will bless the house in a regal warmth that the whole family will enjoy.


If you want a name a bit further from the beaten path, this may be the one. It’s Japanese for ‘sunlight’ and a fantastic name for a cute, cuddly kitten. This name is perfect for a new cat that brings warmth to a cozy home or lazy summer afternoon.


Ok, we have to add this one to the list. A cute little kitten running around and playing in the flowers outside might as well be a bumbling bee. Plus those soft purrs and cute cuddles are about as close to honey as you can get!


Roughly pronounced “she-ah” this name comes from China and translates to ‘glow of the sunrise.’ A bit different from the other sun inspired names this one fits perfectly to a cat born into the warmth of the summer. The glow of a kitten with this name will come from all those morning snuggles and playful afternoons. What better way to start your day than with a glowing sunrise and purring cat?

There is never a wrong time to think about adopting a new cat or kitten. Bringing a new cat into the family with a fun summer name will keep that sun shining all year round.