Talking dog says “I love you!”

talking dog

Sportive couple with husky taking a selfie with smartphone – Two friends smilingand having fun while resting in the shadow of palm trees on a tropical beach

When a gorgeous talking dog says, “I love you” our hearts just melt with glee! I mean, it’s not every day that you get to indulge in such an awesome sentiment shared by one so snuggly. Here, let us show you what we mean as you enjoy our latest video of the week:

Have you ever seen anything so precious in your entire life?! While each time she says it just oozes with emotion, listen carefully at the :22 second mark where this talking dog makes her words perfectly clear. Such a sweet, sweet sound to our ears!

Who Is This Talking Dog?

The talking dog in this video is named Mishka and she’s somewhat of an Internet sensation. With more than 785,000 subscribers on her own YouTube channel, it’s clear that people just can’t get enough of her various videos. Mishka is best known for phrases like, “I love you” and, “I want to go for a walk”. (Hmm, I bet she’d love to “talk” to one of our dog walkers, too!)

What’s the Deal With Talking Huskies?

You may recall another talking Husky featured in our weekly video spotlight a while back. All dogs have limited vocal abilities and some are known to mimic sounds they hear their human pals make. We don’t know what the science is behind it all, but Huskies seem to do this quite often. Perhaps it’s because they take after their wolf forefathers with a tendency to howl–a sound, by the way, that can be heard as far as 10 miles away!

Your Thoughts

Did you enjoy this talking dog as much as we did? If you have anything to add on why or how dogs talk or if you have a talking dog of your own, we want to hear all about it! Feel free to leave a comment below or let’s take this conversation to social media…just be sure to use the hashtag #FetchPetCare so that we can join you there!