A Tale of Three Kitties

It is National Adopt-a-Cat Month and what better way to look into adoptions than checking out some cats? Local shelters are full of cute and fun cats ready for adoption. Many times they are great places to find that perfect cat. Here are three great cats looking for a new home.

If you live in the San Francisco Bay Area, you may be familiar with the SPCA in the Mission. It is the fourth oldest humane society in the country after opening in 1868. They are also the founders of the No-Kill movement which has led San Francisco to have the lowest rate of euthanasia of any city in the country. There are a ton of cute cats, but two-month-old Sparrow caught our hearts with his curious eyes and beautiful stripes. Sparrow is waiting for lots of cuddles and playtime. You can check the SF SPCA for more information about kitties ready for adoption.


California: SF SPCA, “Sparrow” https://www.sfspca.org/adoptions/pet-details/38571190 

In Texas, the Austin Humane Society is a great place to find that perfect cat. They are a busy shelter with a lot of cats needing to find a new place to live. They created the Every Animal fund in 2008 to help raise funds for needy animals. Nori is a cat that stands out. He can be a bit shy but with his striking looks and affectionate personality he is well worth getting to know. The Austin Humane Society is full of beautiful cats ready for adoption and is well worth checking out!

Texas: Austin Humane Society, “Nori” http://www.austinhumanesociety.org/pet-details/?id=38215705  


With over 10,000 animals adopted, the Idaho Humane Society is one of the largest and oldest in the state. They are also members of the No-Kill movement and are famous for their veterinary services. They are also home to Awol. Awol is on the older side for adoption at six years old, but she is a unique and cuddly cat. She has strikingly green eyes, and a very unusual pattern to her fur with gold and black colors split evenly down her face. She is the kind of cat you don’t see too often!

Idaho: Idaho Humane Society “Awol” https://idahohumanesociety.org/adopt/view-pet/awol/  


Hopefully, these fantastic cats have inspired you to check out your local shelter. They are always looking for caring people to adopt some of their fantastic animals!